Gratitude - Oct 29

+ Traditional Chinese dinner for my brother's birthday.  My mom cooked everything!  She's thinking about starting a food blog, too.
+ Finishing my first silver project in jewelry class!  It doesn't look too great but I feel a bit accomplished.  
+ Blogging 5 days this week!
+ Snagging a chambray button down shirt from the J. Crew outlet for a steal.
+ Bringing my little thyme plant back to life (it wasn't doing so well outside).
+ Doing lots and lots of head hurting research for my stationery line.  I swear I'm almost there...!

This weekend I'm going to attempt to take some photos for a secret project, finish buying supplies for my stationery, and, most exciting of all, eat at Animal this Sunday.  I'm not a big fan of Halloween so instead Gary and I are going out to dinner to celebrate him becoming a certified personal trainer.  What about you?  Anyone dressing up for Halloween?



A little over a year ago Gary and I went to Portland, Oregon for the first time. It was a quick trip but we packed in lots of things to do.

We drank lots of coffee at Stumptown.

We went to the most amazing and extensive bookstore.

Ate a sampling of unique and tasty donuts.

Visited the Japanese Gardens.

And did lots and lots of walking. We didn't stay at Ace but really wanted to!
The weather was a little cold and rainy but I enjoyed every moment.  I can still remember the best hash browns I'd ever eaten from the cafe by our hotel.  The most delicious hash browns, seriously.  
Wish I was there again for Little Winter!  So sad to be missing out.


mango bar

It was 80 degrees today.  Fall, where are you?  I even painted my nails in anticipation of cooler weather.



dores necklace

My new favorite necklace by Dores.

Park at sunset

This past Saturday Gary (the bf) and I headed out to go outlet shopping. We've been searching for a pair of casual pants for him for months now without any luck. Thankfully the shopping gods were on our side as we found not one but two pairs! I also got a couple things for myself at super good deals.

Just before we hopped onto the freeway we stopped by the park to take some photos. It's been raining all week in LA and the sun was finally out and looking so nice right before sunset. I'm wearing my new favorite jeans and my favorite boots, oh and carrying my favorite handbag. The jeans are from Gap and are jean leggings (which I refuse to call jeggings), and are so amazingly comfortable! Not super tight and constricting like I thought it'd be. Thank you to Alyson of Unruly Things for mentioning them!

Shirt: Target (boys section)
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Madewell
Bag: Clare Viver



 This is my thyme plant. I love how it's so tiny and delicate and grows any which way it wants to.


Grey Days

It's been a bit rainy and grey here lately.  I quite like it though. 


Wardrobe Re-do

 I've been thinking about giving my wardrobe a makeover for quite a while now, but wasn't exactly sure what kind of clothes I should be adding.  And then I realized that I'm tired of looking and being treated like a child.  When I'm put in a position that makes me nervous (which is quite often), I revert to acting like a child.  I sometimes use it as a crutch so I don't have to act like an adult even though I think like one.  I think it's time to have my wardrobe reflect that.  So that maybe I'll feel more confident and people will stop asking how old I am! Gee, I'm asking a lot from my clothes, but I really do think it'll make a difference.  As much as I love girly floral prints, peter pan collars, and cap sleeves, they are definitely not doing me any favors!

Things I'm hoping to add: black skinny cropped trousers, oxfords, high waisted jeans, felt hat, interesting jewelry, high waist pleated trousers. (Photos from Totokaelo)


Jewelry Class

I've been taking an introductory jewelry class for six weeks now.  Our first project was to make a pin with several different layers of colored aluminum.  This was to help practice cutting out metal and visualize how all the layers work together.  I don't have my project back yet, but it's not exactly the most beautiful thing (nor would I wear it).  But our next project, which we'll be completing this week, is made of silver!  Real silver that we'll be soldering together.  I'm excited but mostly nervous using the blow torch.  The project after this is the one I'm most excited for.  We'll be carving a ring out of wax and use the lost wax method.  This is something I've been eager to learn for quite a while now. 

The photo above is my silver pieces all taped up so I don't lose them.  It looks a little er... abstract, but it's supposed to be mountains and trees.  We will be soldering it to another piece of silver and all the negative spaces will be textured. 


Gratitude - Oct 9

+ listening to Lissie, whom I discovered from a mix CD Mallory sent me.  Thanks, Mallory!
+ watching Julie and Julia, which I totally loved and want to watch again (but skip through the Julie parts).
+ making tuscan white bean soup and apple pie.
+ starting my life list.
+ working on new patterns to turn into… don't know yet!

Things have been pretty hectic over here, hence the lack of blogging.  Also, I often wonder what direction I'd like this blog to go in which results in no posts.  But as I learned from Julia Child, I need to be fearless!  I often over think just about everything and approach everything with hesitancy. But, no more!

This weekend is supposed to be warm and sunny, so hopefully I'll be able to take some photos.  I haven't touched my camera in weeks and miss it!  What are your plans for the weekend?


Five Things

(San Francisco, 2008)
Five things you might not know about me:

1. I get nervous very easily.  Sometimes I see/meet celebrities and bloggers (celebrities in my mind, haha) and I just act like a fool, turn red, stop talking completely, and my hands start to get clammy.  I wish I could fake it and act cool, but my flushed face gives it away.

2. I never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich until I was 12.

3. My favorite color is purple (see photo).

4. I crave Australian food all the time.  Meat pie, lollies, cordial, pavlova, you name it and I'll probably start salivating.  Except for Vegemite. Yuck.

5. I studied graphic design for almost four years and realized it wasn't really for me.  And now I work at a bookstore as a gift merchandiser until I can start working for myself.  Don't tell anyone, but I kind of like it!

Any random facts you'd like to share?