Gratitude - Dec 31

+ a surprise trip to Las Vegas and massage appointment courtesy of my wonderful boyfriend
+ my new 50 mm lens... amazing to say the least.
+ secret santa at work
+ baking cookies for my coworkers, and everyone enjoying them!
+ free time to watch Arthur on PBS at 2:30
+ rain
+ 2010... happy new year!

Happy Holidays

We had a quiet Christmas at home.  I received a 50 mm f/1.8 lens from my mom, which is what I used to take these photos (except for the first one).  One of my new years resolutions is to participate in the 365 project, where you take a photo a day.  I have a few more goals in mind, but I'm going to mull over them over the next few hours before I make any commitments. 


Wool And The Gang

My two favorite kits from Wool And The Gang. They come with everything you need! Wondering if I could pull off the wool shoulder pad look in the second photo... (photos: Wool And The Gang)


Gratitude - dec 11

Instead of my (not so usual) "Things I Love" entries, I've decided to change them to a new format called Gratitude.  Every Friday I am going to compile a short list of the things I am thankful for, things that put a smile on my face, or just little things I'd like to remember that happened in the past week. 

+ my boyfriend
+ coming up with wonderful new ideas (with the boyfriend)
+ working on new designs and ideas that I am satisfied with!  A real shop opening is coming, I promise.
+ rain rain rain!  I love the rain. 
+ teuxdeux.com
+ Ecoholic.  Great book I purchased last week! I'll probably write a more thorough entry on it.


Felt Snowflakes

I love these felt snowflakes in hot pink and white by purl bee.  They'd also be cute as gift tags for the holidays!  Try making your own with their tutorial. (photo: The Purl Bee)

We Are Land Rich

Tarrow Bulb from Land Rich.

Anna Wolf

Beautiful photography by Anna Wolf.  This is one of my favorites.  Plus, I have been dreaming of a shirt like this (see previous post).  And it's paired with a marled wool sweater! (photo: Anna Wolf)


Here are a few pieces I've been dreaming of adding to my wardrobe...

Marled woolly cardigans to throw over everything, a simple bag to hold everything, cool t shirts with interesting prints, and high waisted skirts with a slight tulip shape.  Also on my list, nubby socks to pair with opaque tights and my new boots, polka dot tights, a black turtleneck, and peter pan collared plaid shirt (it exists, I just don't know where to get it).