My posts have been pretty food-centric lately but unfortunately I haven't done anything too creative outside of the kitchen.  I'm hoping to remedy that soon (like...now! I just need to get off the computer).  Here is what I ate for lunch though.  Click here for the rest of the post!


Donna Hay Seasons

My mom just got back from Australia and brought me all kinds of goodies.  Tim tams, crumpets, freddos, smarties, all of the things I miss that can be brought back on a 12 hour plane ride.  Unfortunately double cream and meat pie couldn't come. But one thing that she really surprised me with was this Donna Hay book, Seasons.  Just a few days prior to her arrival I was pining for this book over at Hermine's blog! It's like my mom read my mind from thousands of miles away. Here's a peek at a few pages.  Everything is absolutely gorgeous. Oh, and I'm showing off my new favorite nail polish in a couple of these photos. It looks sort of blah but absolutely beautiful in person. Sand Tropez by Essie.


Light Macaroni and Cheese

I made a healthier, lighter version of macaroni and cheese.  For more pictures and a recipe visit my food blog, matchbox kitchen.  It's pretty tasty!


Let's Get Lost

I recently favorited this card on Etsy and I can't stop going back to admire it.  Just might have to purchase and frame it! Made by Bread + Butter.