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script & serif stationery and paper goods.  coming really, really soon!



Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in/from the US.  We had a nice small family dinner.  I made the bread and dessert, pumpkin cream pie.  I wish I could write something more coherent but all the turkey is making me sleepy.


Dieppa Restrepo Cali

Christmas present to myself, me thinks.  (I don't know why I just typed that.)

Sure, they might not really look like much on their own, but just check out how they're styled on Totokaelo.  I'm in love.  (photos: Totokaelo)


Things have been busy over here at script & serif studio, finalizing designs, screen printing, sourcing supplies for upcoming products.  I am determined to have a soft launch by the end of November, which means a week from now!  My full product line will be available by the beginning of 2011. 

To take a break, Gary and I had a Toy Story marathon.  I'm not a big movie watcher, so seeing three in a row is a big deal for me.  I can sit and watch a whole season of Friends, but for some reason a movie is too much of a commitment for me.  Anyway, one of the cutest characters in Toy Story 3 were the peas in a pod.  We went to the Disney store about a month ago and spotted this in line.  Total impulse buy, but it makes me smile every time I see it.  Reminds me of the adorable Mameshiba videos, too. 

Alright, back to work!


Astrology Wall Calendar

One of my favorite calendars I've seen so far.  Only $8 from Prismatic Print Shop.


Lost wax

Here's the ring I've been slowly carving away at.  It started out as a big chunk of wax and now it's a little ring with a bird perched on top.  I plan on thinning out the band as well as the bird, but I'm quite happy with where it is now. 

Blogging has been slow for me because the sun goes down so much earlier now and there's no light left to take photos.  I have been working on stationery related stuff and can see myself launching by the end of this month!  I finally decided on a name and bought the domain yesterday.  Alright, back to work!



mint pesto and zucchini spaghetti from donna hay
crazy outgrown mint plant and still fruiting (in November?!)/half dying tomato plant on my balcony
chocolate chip cookies for a birthday party
magazines to cozy up with
It started out with a sore throat. I foolishly thought it was the ultra spicy noodles I ate, but then it escalated to congestion, a headache, runny nose. Before I know it I'm popping cough drops one after another and leaving work early because I was just so out of it. So apologies for being away from the blog. I'm feeling much better now and hopefully I'll be good as new in a few days.

So other than fending off this head cold, I've been driving myself crazy trying to come up with a name for my stationery line. I can't come up with one decent thing! I don't know how people do it. If you have any suggestions or any ideas of how to get to a name please let me know. I feel like I can't move forward without a name.

Oh, and I am totally loving the three magazines I just got.  Can I please live in a Donna Hay magazine? 


Test Print

I got to make some test screen prints of my cards over the weekend. It was just as difficult and exciting as I thought it'd be! Still having some trouble with registering the second color over it though, so this photo isn't the final.  I'm really happy with the paper I've chosen to use, too. The silver piece in front is from my jewelry class. Like I said in an earlier post, not exactly the best looking piece but really exciting to see something I've made from scratch come together.