Moving my blog home!

I've decided to combine my personal blog and cooking blog into one, so please come visit my new home!



Things are going to change around here, and I'm super excited about it!  Once I've ironed out the details I'll share more. Can anyone recommend web designers that are familiar with Wordpress? In the mean time, things might be a little more quiet here than usual.

Here are a few snapshots of food I've made recently. Are you on Instagram? If so, my username is scriptandserif, feel free to add me! And while I'm at it, are you on Twitter too? My username is scriptandserif there as well.  And Pinterest too!


smore package

I had quite of bit of extra marshmallows and graham crackers so I though I'd pack them up to give away. I've already eaten my fair share of marshmallows in the last few days! Plus, it's time to move onto something new to make and eat ;)

I didn't have very many packaging options to choose from without leaving my house, so this is what I ended up with.  I have to remember to order boxes so I can give away all the goodies I've been making, or else I'd just eat them all.  I wonder if it would be possible to send these through the mail (in a rigid box of course). I would love to share the things I make with others.  Is this something you'd be interested in?  Probably would have to be within the US, and I wouldn't charge or anything (just need to figure out how much shipping would be).  I do make these in my home after all but I keep a clean kitchen I promise!

This also gave me a chance to practice taking more photos.  The more I learn my camera the more fun I'm finding it. I still need help in the styling department but hopefully that's getting a little better as well. I took all these photos in full manual and in RAW! Now I just need to buy more memory cards because these files take up so much more room!



I'm trying not to cross post things from my food blog but I really loved this one and wanted to share!  I just made s'mores with homemade graham crackers and marshmallows and they were absolutely delicious. Click here to check it out :)



How cute is this video?!  Seriously a dream come true right here.  Just last week I purchased the Miette cookbook and have tried out a couple recipes so far.  I have come across some errors but Chronicle did publish list of errata on their website.  The cookbook is seriously cute, from the 6 inch cakes to floral endpapers and the whole book having scalloped edges!

Gary and I are finally taking a trip back up to San Francisco to visit some friends and have lots of eating excursions (and also celebrate my birthday, I guess).  The last time I went Miette was on my list we didn't have time to make it out to the Ferry Building.   This time both locations are on my to-do list! 

Have you gone to Miette? What are your favorite things to get?  I browsed their Yelp photos and love that you can order panna cotta in a little glass jar.



When it comes to baking, cakes are my weakness. And while I haven't made a complete mess of one in a while, they never come close to what I'd imagined in my head. This cake was just a hair too dense while the frosting/filling was too soft in comparison. I think a stabilizer would have been nice but I am very much a novice with cake baking.

And of course, leave it to me to take photos of the side with the chunk taken out by my finger! The camera and I have not been the best of friends lately, hence the lack of posting and photos. Hopefully this shall be rectified this weekend.


Son of a Gun


Friday was Gary's 25th birthday so we had a weekend filled with festivities. This is what I wore to dinner at Son of a Gun. Gary is a big fan of Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, the chefs and owners of the restaurant (as well as Animal). The meal was absolutely delicious and we can't wait to go back again. The highlight for both of us was the lobster roll, which makes me want to go to Maine and have a real one!

Anyway, I had to crop my face out because the sun was a little too bright and I desperately need a hair cut, but I really wanted to show off these new shoes. Rachel Comey Hitch boots in Caramelo. I wore them all weekend and didn't complain of any foot pain whatsoever. The height of the heel is just about perfect. I love the color but now I'm sort of itching to get a pair in black as well.



Sometimes I have nothing to say.


Gratitude - June 10

 photo: unknown source via Walking Around Where the Sidewalk Begins

+ donut making until midnight.  who wants to be a taste tester?
+ going complaint free for 3 days and counting!
+ watching Kung Fu Panda 2 (loved it), The Hangover 2, and Easy A on netflix
+ guacamole taco, one of my best ideas yet (although I'm sure I'm not the first!)
+ your sweet comments on my last post, thank you!

As of right now, I can't think of any plans I have for the weekend, but I'd love to pack a straw bag like the one above.  The weather has been a little unusual in LA but hopefully the sun will come out again. Other than that, I'm hoping to fry up more donuts and make other goodies. What do you have planned?  Hope you have a lovely weekend.