Son of a Gun


Friday was Gary's 25th birthday so we had a weekend filled with festivities. This is what I wore to dinner at Son of a Gun. Gary is a big fan of Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, the chefs and owners of the restaurant (as well as Animal). The meal was absolutely delicious and we can't wait to go back again. The highlight for both of us was the lobster roll, which makes me want to go to Maine and have a real one!

Anyway, I had to crop my face out because the sun was a little too bright and I desperately need a hair cut, but I really wanted to show off these new shoes. Rachel Comey Hitch boots in Caramelo. I wore them all weekend and didn't complain of any foot pain whatsoever. The height of the heel is just about perfect. I love the color but now I'm sort of itching to get a pair in black as well.



Sometimes I have nothing to say.


Gratitude - June 10

 photo: unknown source via Walking Around Where the Sidewalk Begins

+ donut making until midnight.  who wants to be a taste tester?
+ going complaint free for 3 days and counting!
+ watching Kung Fu Panda 2 (loved it), The Hangover 2, and Easy A on netflix
+ guacamole taco, one of my best ideas yet (although I'm sure I'm not the first!)
+ your sweet comments on my last post, thank you!

As of right now, I can't think of any plans I have for the weekend, but I'd love to pack a straw bag like the one above.  The weather has been a little unusual in LA but hopefully the sun will come out again. Other than that, I'm hoping to fry up more donuts and make other goodies. What do you have planned?  Hope you have a lovely weekend.



As hard as I've tried, I've never been much of a put together an outfit sort of person.  All sorts of amazing fashion blogs have inspired me to layer, try out different trends, mix textures and patterns, but at the end of it I end up feeling self conscious and uncomfortable.  It wasn't until recently that I realized the clothing I feel best in are the most simple pieces.  I don't like to draw attention to myself, and even though I live in LA (land of lots of strange dressers) even something slightly flashy will draw attention (remember when everyone wore lamé leggings? Yeah, I had a pair and only wore them once).  Casual button downs, jeans, and tennis shoes (or moccasins) have been my go-to weekend outfit, but as plain as it is, I feel happy and confident wearing them.

One thing I've been having a lot of fun with lately is adding a bright pop of lipstick.  The one pictured here is NARS Schiap and it's surprisingly wearable! It feels so fun but not too over the top paired with my casual clothes.  I've also recently acquired this Panama hat.  It's still taking a little getting used to but as the salesperson said, the key to wearing this hat is confidence!  I just have to remember to put it on straight.

I am constantly thinking about the state of my wardrobe. Sometimes I get frustrated and just want to cave in, go to Forever 21, buy maxi skirts and cheap sundresses.  But then I remember the environmental impact of shopping fast fashion and what my money is supporting and I have to snap out of it.  Not to mention the quality of craftsmanship and fabric.  I need to remember to save my pennies and buy from independent shops and designers (I have my eye on Hetterson's Brocius dress)! Even when I decide to cave in and shop at chain stores I end up disappointed.  This happened to me the last three times I tried to go shopping!

Whoops, I sort of went a little off tangent there. Anyway, I have a feeling this shirt, hat, and shoes are going to be in high rotation this summer! I want to document more outfits but I'm still working on being comfortable in front of the camera.  These were the few that made it out of 50 (+?!) photos.



I'm so excited to share that Matchbox Kitchen was a part of N.E.E.T magazine's June issue! I worked really hard on this and came up with a million different recipes but in the end a simple tart worked out best. I hope you try making it because it's easy but sooo good. Coming up with my own recipe (albeit a simple one) was so much fun and made me realize how much I enjoy cooking more and more. And although the photography was a struggle I think these are my best photos yet. I will share more notes and some other shots on Matchbox Kitchen!