For months now, clogs have slowly been working to the front of my mind. I couldn't decide whether I thought they were too ugly, too clog-y (if that makes sense), or the perfect counterpart to sweet dresses with peter pan collars and floral prints. But what really sealed the deal were the recently released photos of Alexa Chung's collection for Madewell. And now I definitely need a pair.


gratitude - feb 19

+ successfully baking sunny-side up apricot pastries (up above) from ABi5 three times!
+ co-workers that make working until 3 am fun!
+ my mom telling me "I like bread like this" (twice!) when she tried my freshly baked bread.  This is a big compliment coming from her.
+ Chinese New Year dinner with the family and all the traditional food we only eat about once a year.

Creating Happiness

I've been compiling a list of things that make me happy because lately I haven't been feeling too great.  After reading this post, I've decided to follow suit and change my attitude by, duh, doing things that actually make me happy!  It sounds so simple but after coming up with the list I realized I haven't done many of these things in a long time.  (Except for baking.  I've been baking practically every day since I bought the book Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day.  But that's for another post.)
+ baking
+ going to museums
+ picnics
+ a walk in the park
+ dressing up
+ making things
+ discovering little independent shops
+ taking pictures

So now that I have this little list, I'm going to keep on adding to it and hopefully accomplish them on a more regular basis.  Maybe the bigger ones twice a month and the smaller ones twice a week?  Not quite sure yet but anything is more than what I'm doing now.


Gratitude - Feb 12

+ learning how to make bread! I bought the book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and it's just about amazing.  My first attempt came out so well I almost wanted to shed a tear simply because I thought it was something I'd fail miserably at. So far I've only made a boule and baguette, but next on my list are bagels and pretzels!
+ Celebrating Valentine's Day.  I surprised my boyfriend with dinner, something I've never done for him!  He is a professionally trained chef so you can imagine how nerve wracking it was.  Everything turned out (for the most part) pretty alright. 
+ Rain!  I love the rain.  I don't belong in LA.  
+ having a clean room.  sadly, this is something i struggle with.  But it's the best feeling to open the door and see nothing on the floor!