Gratitude - Jan 29

+ She & Him's new single.  I'm going to see them at the end of March!
+ Baking these delicious chocolate chip cookies.  Everyone at worked loved them and were gone almost instantly.
+ Baking scones in celebration of Australia Day (not American style scones!).  Now if only I could get my hands on some fresh double cream.
+ Thoughts on happiness by Simple Lovely.  It has been a hard few days with no particular reason why.  This was just what I needed to read.
+ Excited about next week.  I finally have some time off from work to collect myself and my thoughts.  And I'm getting a hair cut! 


Gratitude - Jan 22

+ rain! lots and lots of rain.  I love the rain. 
+ keeping in touch with old friends
+ being told I am "very thorough" with my work! :)
+ baking delicious (if i do say so myself) strawberry cupcakes
+ bringing said cupcakes to work for my coworkers to enjoy
+ practicing calligraphy
+ delicious Peruvian food made exactly the way I like it--lomo saltado, extra crispy fries on top of grass fed beef.  with a little green sauce/aji on the side of course!
+ going through old Martha Stewart Living magazines
+ thinking of new ideas for my favorite holiday, valentines day.  Bevermind all the commercial stuff, at one point it wasn't considered a hallmark holiday!
+ finally getting a planner for 2010, the moleskine color a month!


Gratitude - Jan 15

 + babycakes NYC opening in LA
+ Make Up For Ever HD Foundation... amazing!
+ SONOSings
+ getting my copy of Burda WOF at work! And no 2 month delay!
+ being employee of the week for my attempts at "going green" at work
+ realizing that little things can make a big impact on my attitude, like new foundation (I don't really wear makeup anymore) and a new sweater (haven't gone clothes shopping for myself in a long time).  I will take a little more time out of my day to get ready because those extra 5-10 minutes make a huge difference in how I carry myself for the rest of the day. 
+ the painting above.  because it was a bit of a pain but a lot of fun at the same time.


New Boots

Did I ever tell you that I got the boots?  At first I was unsure of what the quality would be like, but I can safely say that they feel really sturdy and supple at the same time.  I walked into my nearest Madewell and saw them in the window.  When I asked a sales associate upstairs she said those were the last pair, and thought they were a size 10!  But she said to ask someone downstairs to double check, and as luck would have it they were my size!  The last pair in my size.  I think it was meant to be.  The look so cute with my new woolly marled socks that I've been dreaming about pairing them with.  Maybe I'll do an outfit post tomorrow. (photos by me)