Gratitude - Jan 22

+ rain! lots and lots of rain.  I love the rain. 
+ keeping in touch with old friends
+ being told I am "very thorough" with my work! :)
+ baking delicious (if i do say so myself) strawberry cupcakes
+ bringing said cupcakes to work for my coworkers to enjoy
+ practicing calligraphy
+ delicious Peruvian food made exactly the way I like it--lomo saltado, extra crispy fries on top of grass fed beef.  with a little green sauce/aji on the side of course!
+ going through old Martha Stewart Living magazines
+ thinking of new ideas for my favorite holiday, valentines day.  Bevermind all the commercial stuff, at one point it wasn't considered a hallmark holiday!
+ finally getting a planner for 2010, the moleskine color a month!

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