Moonwalker by Mociun

I am in all sorts of love with this skirt.  During our stay in Portland we visited the boutique Frances May.  Among many other lovely garments, this definitely caught my eye.  The print is so mesmerizing in a dark, yet dreamy way.  Check out the skirt and many other amazing prints at Mociun. (photo: Mociun)


Back from Portland

I'm back!  My boyfriend and I took a short trip to Portland, Oregon and had a great time.  Most of the places we visited were food related, and unfortunately couldn't stop by all the restaurants we wanted to go to!  The food was delicious and the coffee even better.  Right when we got back I got really sick though.  Must be the horrible LA smog!  Anyway, here is a photo of the gorgeous Japanese Gardens we went to.  It took a long walk; someone at the hotel told us to get off an earlier stop and walk uphill... for quite a while! But we got there and it was totally worth it.  I wish I could be there now, breathing the fresh air...


Calligraphy Samples


One thing I've always wanted to learn is calligraphy.  Ever since I learned how to write in cursive in the 3rd grade, I've been practicing on any sheet of paper I could find.  Combine it with my love for stationery and I'm in heaven.

Here are a few samples I whipped up with fake names and addresses.  I'm still practicing, but it gets a little easier each day. (photos: Sara Tso)


More fabric flowers

flowers, originally uploaded by sunshine by sara.

Here's another sneak peek of the flowers I've been working on.  After making about thirty it gets a bit tiring and I start to slow down. 



"Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you."

— Chuck Klosterman (Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story)

Things I Love - October 16

little bits, originally uploaded by simply photo.

// Oh Joy! party at Urbanic Paper last night!  I brought along two of my friends, so it was nice to catch up with them and meet Joy too!  I am a really big fan of all her work, so I was a bit star struck to say the least.  I could hardly get a word out!  But of course she was a total sweetheart and I was so glad to attend her party.

// Rain!  It finally rained in southern california.  Of course everyone forgot how to drive, but the next day the air was nice and clear and traffic miraculously cleared up for a day?!  I love overcast/rainyweather.  As odd as this sounds it makes me really happy; it reminds me of cozying up with tea, a blanket, and a movie!

// I finally caved in and bought a new pair of jeans.  I have been putting it off for over a year now!  I will probably do a separate post on this because the jeans are amazing.  I can't believe I was without them for so long!

// I am going to start on my quilt (!!!) today! It's for a top secret project that I'm really eager to start on.

// Okay, this is one of my most favorite things on my mind as of late--I'm going to Portland, OR next weekend!  My boyfriend and I are taking a small weekend trip up.   It was my goal for the year to finally visit and for my birthday my mom surprised me with tickets!  I am beyond excited.  I have never been, but through the magic of the internet (haha) I've heard so many wonderful things about the place.  I just hope it's not raining too hard when we get there.  My boyfriend is very susceptible to getting sick!


Nostalgia Organics

Have you heard of Nostalgia Organics? I just learned of them today through a flickr group for pretty packaging.  What's not to love?  First of all, they use natural and organic ingredients such as oatmeal, lavender, coconut, and lemongrass.  Secondly, the beautiful packaging goes above and beyond.   Each label is printed on recycled paper with soy inks and come with a pattern on the other side for a craft project!
I haven't decided which scent I'd like just yet, but what I know for sure is that my bathroom could use something as cute as this to perk things up a bit.  Check out their website, blog, and flickr here for more pretty photos.