Gratitude - Feb 12

+ learning how to make bread! I bought the book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and it's just about amazing.  My first attempt came out so well I almost wanted to shed a tear simply because I thought it was something I'd fail miserably at. So far I've only made a boule and baguette, but next on my list are bagels and pretzels!
+ Celebrating Valentine's Day.  I surprised my boyfriend with dinner, something I've never done for him!  He is a professionally trained chef so you can imagine how nerve wracking it was.  Everything turned out (for the most part) pretty alright. 
+ Rain!  I love the rain.  I don't belong in LA.  
+ having a clean room.  sadly, this is something i struggle with.  But it's the best feeling to open the door and see nothing on the floor!

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