mint pesto and zucchini spaghetti from donna hay
crazy outgrown mint plant and still fruiting (in November?!)/half dying tomato plant on my balcony
chocolate chip cookies for a birthday party
magazines to cozy up with
It started out with a sore throat. I foolishly thought it was the ultra spicy noodles I ate, but then it escalated to congestion, a headache, runny nose. Before I know it I'm popping cough drops one after another and leaving work early because I was just so out of it. So apologies for being away from the blog. I'm feeling much better now and hopefully I'll be good as new in a few days.

So other than fending off this head cold, I've been driving myself crazy trying to come up with a name for my stationery line. I can't come up with one decent thing! I don't know how people do it. If you have any suggestions or any ideas of how to get to a name please let me know. I feel like I can't move forward without a name.

Oh, and I am totally loving the three magazines I just got.  Can I please live in a Donna Hay magazine? 

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