Gratitude - Oct 9

+ listening to Lissie, whom I discovered from a mix CD Mallory sent me.  Thanks, Mallory!
+ watching Julie and Julia, which I totally loved and want to watch again (but skip through the Julie parts).
+ making tuscan white bean soup and apple pie.
+ starting my life list.
+ working on new patterns to turn into… don't know yet!

Things have been pretty hectic over here, hence the lack of blogging.  Also, I often wonder what direction I'd like this blog to go in which results in no posts.  But as I learned from Julia Child, I need to be fearless!  I often over think just about everything and approach everything with hesitancy. But, no more!

This weekend is supposed to be warm and sunny, so hopefully I'll be able to take some photos.  I haven't touched my camera in weeks and miss it!  What are your plans for the weekend?

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