A little over a year ago Gary and I went to Portland, Oregon for the first time. It was a quick trip but we packed in lots of things to do.

We drank lots of coffee at Stumptown.

We went to the most amazing and extensive bookstore.

Ate a sampling of unique and tasty donuts.

Visited the Japanese Gardens.

And did lots and lots of walking. We didn't stay at Ace but really wanted to!
The weather was a little cold and rainy but I enjoyed every moment.  I can still remember the best hash browns I'd ever eaten from the cafe by our hotel.  The most delicious hash browns, seriously.  
Wish I was there again for Little Winter!  So sad to be missing out.


  1. One of my top-ten-places-in-the-us-to-visit-that-i-haven't (haha, a wordy title). Your boyfriend's name is Gary? That's awesome. I've never met a (for lack of a better term) "young person" named Gary before. But my dad is named Gary, and so is one of my uncles, and so is my best friend's dad. Lot's of Gary's in my life, but all over 50 years old, haha.

  2. Mallory: It's so funny because Gary and I joke around about that all the time! Whenever I try to think about anyone else named Gary, whatever age they are, the first person that comes to mind is Gary Oldman.

    And I so wish I was in Portland this upcoming weekend. I even tried to plan out going there right when Little Winter was announced but realized that all my spending money would have been used on the plane ticket.