August Weekend

Hello, hope you all had a nice weekend.  This post is coming up a little late because I went on a little trip to Las Vegas with two of my best girl friends.  One is moving to Chicago for grad school in less than a month so we had to plan a little something.  It was so fun and relaxing.  One of my favorite things to do there is eat at the amazing buffets.  I am not a fan of buffets except for in Vegas, and the Bellagio did not disappoint. 
I didn't snap very many photos because I didn't want to bring my camera.  Instead here are a couple shots from my phone.  One thing I wish I did take a picture of was the beautiful desert on the drive over.  Miles and miles of nothing but rocks, cacti, and mountains.  So calming.


  1. I've only been out west once in my life (sadly). I went with my family to Phoenix / the Grand Canyon / Sedona / and Las Vegas. I fondly (very fondly) remember the buffets and this waitress who obsessively refilled our drinks every time we took a sip. She didn't speak English and my dad finally just put his hand over the top of the glass and said laughingly - "No more chocolate milk!!!". Hahaha. Yes.

    That was like 5 years ago, and I honestly don't think I've been to a buffet since then (probably for the better).

  2. The buffets have gotten really amazing there. If you ever go again I suggest the Wynn buffet or Bellagio! Those are my favorites (hah, as if I'm a pro or something).