Gratitude - Jan 17

Last week I…
+ baked a brioche pastry with mixed berries and custard
+ baked a brioche loaf
+ baked a boule
+ made this lasagna with pasta from scratch
+ made fresh fettucine with a tomato sauce from scratch as well
+ tried on various panama hats (without much success)
+ wore short sleeves due to the 80 degree weather
+ bought a pair of running shoes
+ ran half a mile (the most I've run since high school)
+ caved in and bought some eyeshadow primer (part of my "take better care of my appearance" resolution)
+ wore makeup over the weekend. All because I finally bought that eyeshadow primer! 

This week I will...
+ do a thorough cleaning and purging of things I don't need
+ bake more bread... so good for breakfast.
+ work on Valentine card designs
+ run a mile...!

1 comment:

  1. the hues of the sun setting are so amazing. :) and, that's so cool you plan on making the move to SF!