Another sneak peek

Another sneak peek at my cards. Unfortunately I have to wait until the sun is up again to take some photos for the shop.


  1. oh congrats! this is exciting!! I love the pink 'hello gorgeous' one.

  2. They are so beautiful (: ! Love it !

  3. the "oh just thinking about you" got me dreamy :-)
    Your stationnary and font are lovely: do you have things inside (like a heart or another symbol?). Do you have any other messages? like a haiku? something cheeky? can you play with the fact that the letters are white but the rest of the card is dyied?

    the quality of the paper seems really good.

    (coming from the freedom experiment to give feedback)

  4. Nathalie, thank you for your feedback! I will keep those things in mind :) I don't have any writing inside.