Gratitude - aug 30

Finding time to blog has been a little tough lately. Between working full time, starting my stationery line, and starting school (today!), things are feeling a little hectic. Thankfully the summer heat has died down and I can be a little more productive than just wanting to melt into a puddle.
This past week has been wonderful.  It's easy for me to start feeling down but last week I've been shown how fortunate I am to have such great friends and an amazing boyfriend (I'm trying my hardest not to sound too sappy but I can't help it.) Here are the highlights of one of the best weeks I've had in a long time!
- celebrating my birthday with a delicious seafood dinner and the San Diego Zoo!
- a surprise birthday dinner with my dearest friends (that my boyfriend secretly planned!) at my favorite restaurant
- eat pray love
- stationery progress (more on that later)
- all the lovely gifts I received including a Baggu backpack, DNTX bag, perfume...
- farmer's market goodies shown above. the two little tomatoes are from my plant!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

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