Garden Progress

My tomatoes!  Aren't they so cute?!  It's so much fun watching them grow day by day.  I only have one tomato that's bigger than the one's shown above, but it's in a hard spot to take a photo of.  Can't wait until they're ready for eating!  My basil, mint, and newly acquired cilantro are all thriving as well. 
Here's a photo of the view outside my balcony.  The mountains are so pretty, but unfortunately the smog gets in the way!

Do any of you have a garden going this summer?  What kind of plants are you growing?  I wish I added some zucchini as well!


  1. I'm going to have a garden when I grow up and have a house. And I would plant things like onions and potatoes and spinach (even though I hate spinach) and cabbage and blueberries and carrots. And some pretty flowers as well...

  2. lovedfromthestart: I've grown purple potatoes when I used to have a backyard and it was so exciting pulling all these potatoes from the ground! With other plants you can see their progress but potatoes are a surprise since they're underground. I would love to grow spinach too but that's because it's probably my favorite vegetable!