Gratitude - June 27

(Still in love with gorgeous peonies, but since I just posted a photo practically identical to it, here's a photo of my Aunt's dog, Maggie. She's adorable but a bit of a terror.)
+ Toy Story 3! Just as good as the first two. Did I ever tell you I met John Lasseter? I was a bit awe struck to say the least.
+ Big dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants, Masa.  If you live in LA you have to go!  I recommend a deep dish pizza (get the "lots of cheese") or the penne or gnocchi.
+ Hours of girl talk... just what I needed.
+ Getting an ice cream maker and making mint chocolate chip!  More on that to come.
+ My first tomato growing! 
+ And last but not least, all the positive feedback I've been getting on my stationery.  Thank you all so, so much.  It really means the world to me because I am extremely self conscious about my work.


  1. I loved Toy Story 3 too! I'm jealous that you've met John Lasseter.

    Also - homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream? That can't be anything but delicious.

  2. Whoops! I meant to write just chocolate chip. Probably made the mistake because it's my favorite kind of ice cream. I am making some today though!