Gratitude - June 11

+ having the opportunity to go to Australia for two weeks and spend quality time with my family
+ the lovely moss that gross between bricks and rocks everywhere in Sydney
+ being back home in sunny California 
+ impromptu barbeques by the swimming pool
+ deleting my facebook and realizing how unnecessary it is!


  1. i was SO happy the day i deleted my facebook! after the first try, i still got a little message saying we'll-be-right-here-waiting-with-your-account-standing-by.... i then spent 3 hours obliterating any trace of my life on facebook permanently. it felt so good!

    i love your gratitude days. they make me happy too :)

  2. I'm so glad you enjoy them :) Sometimes it takes a little effort to think of things for the week, but in the end I feel better for it!

    And yes, I feel so much better without the time waster named Facebook!