Gratitude - May 8

+ I'm going to Australia!  Tickets were on sale so I thought, why not?  I have lots of relatives living in Sydney; I used to live there too.  I'm so excited for meat pie, tim tams, real scones (and not the dry crumbly bricks we have here), king island cream, cordial... and seeing my family of course!
+ Did some research on growing plants in an apartment.  When I come back I'm determined to grow cherry tomatoes, lots of herbs, arugula, and micro greens!
+ The weather has been so nice and warm this week.  Now if only I could have fit in that picnic...
+ My stationery line will be up when I come back from Australia, but I'm determined to show a sneek peek before I leave!
+  I got a curling iron a few weeks ago and it's totally changed how I feel about my hair.  Amazing how something so small can make me incredibly happy!
+ Saw a shooting star while driving home today.  I feel so lucky.


  1. australia! i'm oh so very jealous. i've always wanted to go.

    & i'm excited for the sneak peek of your stationery line

  2. I'm excited (and nervous) too! This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time and I just have to jump in already.