Gratitude - March 12

Where did the time go?  Two Fridays passed by with no gratitude post.  For some reason I always fall off the blogging wagon.

+ successfully baking challah and cinnamon rolls
+ my mom coming back home from australia safe and happy
+ tim tams, cordial, twirl, flake, monte carlos... yum!
+ giving my mom's room a mini facelift: two euro shams (that I sewed myself!), new silvery-sage quilted coverlet, and a series of old photos of the family
+ the look on my mom's face when she opened her door
+ when one of the cafe leads told me he would be more than happy to help collect/recycle gift cards :)
+ the story of stuff book!
+ she & him's new music video for "in the sun"
+ starting up a new gym routine
+ rain and sunshine and wind.  variety in LA weather!
+ surviving the 10 days I was on my own, and not living off of instant noodles and stir fry's at that!

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