Things I Love Thursday

If you follow Galadarling.com, you know she writes something called "Things I Love Thursday" (and if you don't, you definitely need to check it out!). It's about making a list of things you appreciate at the moment.  Here's my list for the week:

// my boyfriend coming over twice this week to cook me lovely dinners.
// Kate helping me figure out my stationery designs, and reassuring me that I'm on the right track.  thanks Kate!
// booking our hotel in Portland OR for a sweet deal!
// being too busy/productive/away from the computer to finish reading my blog reader
// swimming during the last days of summer
// mine and my boyfriend's one year anniversary
// a dozen sprinkles cupcakes for the occasion!
// finding out that the work OK looks like a sideways person
// beautiful sunsets from my bedroom window

(photo: sunshine by sara)

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