Looking For A Silk Dress

Today I decided that I want to invest in a silk dress.  You know, something I can throw on in the summer but can pair tights and a woolly sweater with for the fall. Something with flirty details like a soft ruffle or a floral print.  The only trouble I come across is finding the right one.  Preferably I'd like it to be made by a small business rather than a mass retailer.  I'd also like it to be relatively affordable, as my budget is around $150 or so.  I remember coming across a dress that fit this criteria, but unfortunately I remembered too late!
The Regine Dress by Vain and Vapid.  I love the piping detail and the soft flutter sleeves.  And the beautiful fabric! If only I came across this earlier... The search continues.

(photos by Alana Davis for Vain and Vapid)

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